Agile Adventures is back!

Hi there!

Maybe you’ve been wondering what we were up to lately! Many of you have asked us why the heck you had to wait so long for our next post! Thanks guys, we take that as a huge compliment!! 🙂 . Did our adventures come to a stop? Nothing left to explore? Did we suddenly lose our inspiration?

Don’t worry, agile adventures is back! We took a little break due to some other extra curricularIMG_20160401_151308 activities but didn’t stop adventuring agile in the meantime. So, we have LOADS of inspiration for new posts. An example of those extra curricular activities is Marijke’s performance in our company theatre three weeks ago. In one particular scene, she played an Agile Coach. Why did she dress up as a fairy? Stay tuned and we’ll tell you all about it in one of the posts to come!

For now, we are super happy to be back & share our adventures with you all! And of course, as always, are very curious to yours! Don’t hesitate to post or e-mail us your questions or opinions.

Cheers! Saloua and Marijke

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