We are blessed our asses off with our great friends who’ve helped us with this blog. No matter big or small, we appreciate their support and contribution a lot!

Evelien Baert

Brand new home owner, best sister in law, covert Sean Paul fan (we all have our guilty Evelienpleasures 🙂 ) creative multi talent but for us, a great help in the visuals in our blog ánd the person behind our Agile Adventures logo!

Check out Eveliens great company: Brand New Journey

Manzoor Sultan

IMG_20150920_125934Aspiring squash talent, super duper solution architect, handsome man from the east, business technology entrepreneur, extremely funny dancer. For us, our website/domain/Wordpress wizard!

Check out the website of his tech company: W-integrate

Danielle van Grieken  

PassionateIMG-20150807-WA0020 world traveler, bendy yoga teacher and teachee, creative multi talent, tango dancer, foodie and Asian cooking expert. And if that does not sound like a lot, she’s also working on a book. But for us: the person behind our amazing blog visual!

Check out the website of her amazing endeavours: Studio Vandaan

And to all the others who helped us in all the small and big ways: thank you so much! Just to name a few; Niels who ever so patiently took our pictures, Juan who edited them (hey, we use all means necessary!), Ronald for his kind and helpful advises on our posts and the amazing social media- and press experts who helped us. You are the best!

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